Kids Eyewear

We are pediatric specialists and fit children as young as 6 months old. While parents are still adjusting to the fact that their child needs glasses we help to make the transition easy and fun. Our wide selection of quality frames allows us to custom fit each infant, child or teen with what is best for them. All lenses are either polycarbonate or trivex to insure the most impact resistance for strength and durability. All of our lenses are cut on premise so that we can insure and inspect for the best looking and fitting pair of glasses possible. Routine follow-up care and adjustments are encouraged and free of charge!

Tween Eyewear

Tweens are at an age where they want something more sophisticated than the frames they might have had as a younger child yet parents don’t want something too sophisticated that the frames make their child look older than they are, but they still need smaller sizes. We offer a wide variety of lines to accommodate these needs. With designers such as Kliik and Etnia you get colors with a whimsical yet mature look; Ray Ban gives a sporty feel, or you can try our light weight rimless line where you can customize your own shape, size and color. Every child is given the care and expertise to ensure the best possible fit to obtain optimum comfort and vision. We also want kids to have fun being a kid and glasses are a great way for them to express themselves.

Kids Frames

Comfort cable adaptors are available for many models.

Warranty Policies

All frames are warranted against DEFECTS for one year. Service charge for warranty replacements is $15.00 per incident. Sport goggles replacement charge is $30.00 due to manufacturer’s return policy. All scratch coated lenses have a 1 year, 1 time replacement with a service fee of $20 to cover reshipping and re edging.