Celebrating Our 10 Year Anniversary

It’s hard to believe Spectacular Eyewear has completed its tenth year in business, and it’s been a heck of a journey!

After 18 years as an optician, I had a burning desire to go out on my own.  I knew it was risky, but I took the plunge and bought a struggling business called Plainview Opticians in 2005.  I had a vision for the store and the direction I wanted to take it.  The journey had some rough patches, but I was determined to stick it out. After 5 years we moved to 436 Woodbury Road, and 3 years later we changed our name to Spectacular Eyewear to reflect our excitement about our styles, our service, and you – our clients.  Our transformation was finally complete!

Today we’re still going strong. We hope you’ll agree that we offer the friendliest, most professional service you can find.  Add to that our stylish frames, accurate fitting and expert lens finishing … that’s pretty spectacular!

We’ve grown from two people (me and Claudia, who has witnessed it all and stays by my side) to a staff of 6, adding Halie, Regina and two doctors, Sandy and Jesse.  I plan to keep growing and providing the best service Plainview has to offer.  

I want to thank the many people who have helped me along the way – my close friends and family who helped me realize my dream, my awesome staff and the most wonderful clients I could ever ask for!  

As we enter our second decade, I know the relationships we’ve formed will endure, because they’re built on a foundation of trust, partnership, and true friendship. Again, thank you.

Here’s to a “spectacular” future!