Coco Song
0082076 g 02 Coco Song Emotional
CocoSong MorningBlues
coco 0005 Cold Tremor
coco 0004 Black Blade
coco 0003 Right Feeling
coco 0002 Hard Speaker
coco 0001 Fire Light
coco 0000 Love Commotion

Double Happiness

Coco Song Eyeglasses use unusual materials such as leaves, silk and feathers to bring luxurious texture and color to their acetate eyeglasses and then incorporated Chinese symbols into a jeweled decor. You will love the decor, the symbols for Double Happiness, Chinese Theatre Masks and Dragons really set this collection apart from any other. A true philosophy The latest exotic eyewear discovery we’ve found is Coco Song Eyewear that has an incredible fusion of eastern elegance and Italian design. Coco Song is more than just frames. Coco Song is a true philosophy of lifestyles and image.

cocosong 2